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Here at J P Financial we aim to match our clients with the best remortgage deals in the UK.

Are you a homeowner looking for a new remortgage deal and unsure which mortgage lender offers the best remortgage deals. Here at J P Financial we have access to the latest computer technology to enable us to search for the best remortgage deals in the UK.

Some lenders offer headline leading remortgage rates to propel themselves to the top of the newspapers best buy tables. However when looking closely at these deals, taking into account the arrangement fees, valuation fee and solicitors cost you may find that these low rate remortgage deals are more expensive than first thought.

Popular reasons for remortgaging

1. Get a lower rate

You maybe locked into a high fixed rate mortgage and would like to remortgage to a lower rate. You will more than likely have to pay a redemption fee to release you from your current lender.

2. Choose a more secure deal.

Are you currently on your lenders SVR (stand variable rate) and concerned about the fluctuations in monthly mortgage payments. Now is a good time to lock into long term fixed rate remortgage deals.

3. Make home improvements.

Everyone knows making home improvements by building an extension, loft conversions, new bathroom or kitchen can add 000′ to the value of your property. You can remortgage to release equity tied up in your home and find a new cheap remortgage deal.

4. Find a flexible mortgage.

Maybe you have heard about flexible mortgages/current account mortgages and would like to remortgage to a more flexible scheme that allows for over payments, underpayments and draw down facilities

5. Consolidate your debts.

Have you got debts spread across a number of credit or store cards and would like to consolidate your debts into your mortgage. A debt consolidation remortgage can be a great way of lowering your monthly payments.

6. Finance a buy to let purchase.

For many people having seen their pension pot get smaller over the years are finding that a buy to let investment property is a great way to save for and provide in your retirement. You can remortgage your current home to release equity to use as a deposit on a new buy to let property

7. Help your kids onto the property ladder.

For many people seeing the value of their property rise and rise over the last few years has been a double edge sword. For now their children are priced out of the market. A good way to help them onto the housing market ladder can be in the form of a remortgage to release equity.

8. Raise some capital.

Are you looking to raise money for a new car or go  on holiday, maybe pay for a wedding or honey moon. You can remortgage to raise money for any of these purpose.

9. Get a better service.

Is your current mortgage lender providing you with a second rate service. Now is the time to remortgage away from a poor performing lender and get your self a better interest rate on your mortgage.

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